CMU programs include:
How CMU gives to the community:
  • Opens the study of an instrument to all youngsters with highly-qualified artist-teachers, regardless of financial means, through substantial scholarships. CMU annually awards over $15,000 in tuition scholarships and loans out 80 string instruments free of charge.
  • Offers school presentations for all grade levels at fees well below event costs
  • Nurtures community pride: the resident Felici Piano Trio was featured on the California Arts Council's "Touring Artists Roster", and tours nationally and internationally to critical acclaim
  • Enriches existing institutions' educational offerings and goals.
  • Enhances community or social events
CMU's programs seek to:
  • Create connectedness, across political, social, racial, religious, age or gender boundaries.
  • Put the Eastern Sierra on the map with important artistic centers through high-profile events with internationally-renowned artists.
How does CMU accomplish its goals?
  • Through programs that offer a wide range of musical experiences and address the general population and visitors, as well as specific focus groups.
  • By presenting a concert series of the highest rank featuring informal introductory talk to familiarize new concertgoers with a particular composition's content and expression.
  • With educational programs that teach instrumental and music making skills to children and adults.
  • Through in-school programs and presentations in a variety of settings that seek to nurture a love and appreciation for the art form of music.
  • With community outreach performances.
  • By offering classes through Cerro Coso Community College.
Why does CMU seek to continue the Chamber Music Residency programs that began in 1998?
  • Music matters: great music addresses complex thoughts and strong feelings that cannot be expressed in words.
  • Music stimulates the spirit and the senses: People participating in musical events testify that music contributes to their physical and mental well-being.
  • Music creates a sense of belonging, of social and cultural identity.
  • Music learning is a proven means to enhance learning in other areas, as well as to hone self discipline and guide self expression in young people.

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